We are chirri peppers 

We are a millennial agency and production company specializing in every aspect of digital advertising: from creativity, through pre production, shooting and post production of several content.

We take a consumer approach to our projects. And this is reflected in all stages of brand communication: strategy, planning, creation, implementation, moderation and results.

Chirri Peppers in-house

We are a team with more than 10 years of experience made up of different profiles, with knowledge and specializations in different areas: creativity, strategy, photography, film and advertising.Chirri Peppers away from homeOur experience has led us to grow with our clients and also to get in touch with other professionals with whom we all have been enriched. We like to be always linked with other friendly hands that complement our work. Many of them are now part of our team. And in this way we can offer a more complete service and also with an objective vision of each project..

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