Our first client at Chirri Peppers, we started by making just some content covering the basic communication needs of the brand , and step by step, we ended up being their comprehensive digital content agency. Over time we strengthened our bond, until we were able to work together on what today is their <Brand Identity>. 

We started by renewing their visual aesthetic proposal, once the first objective was achieved, we moved on to the next one which was to improve the link with their audience through content with greater value. That's how we started with the first edition of "Amor de papel", created and designed by Chirri Peppers for the launch campaign of their 2019 planners. 

Then we went for more and proposed to show how the brand's day-to-day life was and its "Fera Haus" enterprise to undertake the reality life. And that's how we also started with the Fera Games, a series of IGTV contents where we played to see who had more "Paper Love". 

We continue to work together, challenging each other every day to keep improving the image of the brand.