Hacé la tuya (Do what you want)

Customer: Avantrip.

Avantrip is an argentinian online tourism agency. A huge challenge for the Chirri Peppers team as it was our first large client. 


After a first meeting, we were inspired and created the campaign WDO WHAT YOUR WANT", a concept that the brand gave us in order to fly and give framework to that idea, and thus reach their travel community, their campaign goal. 


We focused mainly on IG as an outstanding communication platform, since we aimed at its MILLENNIAL audience, target audience, those who are always encouraged to do what they want, and those who joined to celebrate this day.  We amplified the campaign by adding influences from the lifestyle's world, travel, cuisine, and even astrology. We looked for profiles within their area who are passionate about traveling and living new experiences in their own way.

In just 3 months we managed to build brand awareness, and notoriety of Avantrip. We used mystery as a main tool, for this we devised and made content that generated intrigue, thus causing interaction with the audience, communicating something different from the usual.


Punctually we worked on the concept and in the realization of different types of content, in addition to the final event and the press kit. We emphasize the realization of different stories within a story. 

- The week of each destination, because we invite the audience to tour different cities in a non-traditional way, sharing data and information outside the circuit. 

- What happened in Avantrip? Weekly summary of our influencers around the world and in the client's offices, and their teams. 

-Package of stickers as a brand image. 

-IG Stories "Avantrip Travelers" 

-Countdown to #hacelatuya day 



Another objective of the brand was to communicate its good customer service.

For that reason we designed and filmed an online series with episodes that took place inside the offices of Avantrip.

AVT Office

Each episode introduced a new area and new employees. Sometimes with surprise guests like the day in which a retro style Cupid visited the offices, meeting again with couples that he himself gathered years ago.

Social Media

Finally the company asked us to amplify the communication of the different advertisements of traditional media: tv and graphic media.

That's how we came up with complementary contents that only happened in social networks, such as the posters of the Surprise Manager for the TV campaign "El viaje sorpresa".

Wild Sale

Wild Sale

Fera stands out from all its competitors for one thing in particular, their discounts' weeks: the WILD SALE.

wild triad2

We started to give more value to their famous week of discount that is the WILD SALE. Where we started generating jingles, and different aesthetics but telling the same story. The first one was called Fera Airlines. Two flight assistants explaining the audience the best way out to the discounts.

Then the Pool Party made its appearance last summar. But the one that stood out was the last one called "Wild Sale Estrelar" where many animated offers happen otter space. That campaign was Fera's sale's record.

Made and designed by Chirri Peppers. 

Today we're working on the launch of the campaign for the 2021 planners, where we work together with the client implementing our idea and realization of each of the contents.


The campaign transmits a variety of colors after a year as unusual as 2020, to give joy and a shock of hope to the next one.

4 colores



Our first client at Chirri Peppers, we started by making just some content covering the basic communication needs of the brand , and step by step, we ended up being their comprehensive digital content agency. Over time we strengthened our bond, until we were able to work together on what today is their <Brand Identity>. 

We started by renewing their visual aesthetic proposal, once the first objective was achieved, we moved on to the next one which was to improve the link with their audience through content with greater value. That's how we started with the first edition of "Amor de papel", created and designed by Chirri Peppers for the launch campaign of their 2019 planners. 

Then we went for more and proposed to show how the brand's day-to-day life was and its "Fera Haus" enterprise to undertake the reality life. And that's how we also started with the Fera Games, a series of IGTV contents where we played to see who had more "Paper Love". 

We continue to work together, challenging each other every day to keep improving the image of the brand.